about_founderMohammad Sayed was born in Afghanistan. His mother died when he was five, and two weeks later he was paralyzed when his house was bombed. His father took him to a hospital and never returned. He lived for seven years in an NGO-operated hospital in the Panshir Valley. Met an American nurse at age 12, Sayed came to the United States and began his new life, attending public schools in Cambridge, Massachusetts and graduating from high school in 2016. He honed his creative skills at NuVu, an innovation high school in Cambridge that emphasizes multi-disciplinary, collaborative learning that enables inventors to take their ideas and see them through to execution.

Desiring to bring his message of hope and empowerment to children with disabilities around the world, Sayed now focuses his creative talents on helping others with spinal cord injuries through the development of adaptive tools (several with provisional patents) and the creation of comic book characters such as Wheelchair Man, to inspire others facing physical challenges. His goal is not only to help rebuild hope and confidence among people with disabilities but also to raise the consciousness of people everywhere to the abilities of those in wheelchairs.

Sayed became an American citizen in 2015. He now lives in Watertown, Massachusetts.