Donald Lombardi

Donald Lombardi is the Chair of the Rim Power board of trustees and has provided critical support to the organization during its start up. He is the founder and CEO of the Institute for Pediatric Innovation (IPI). In the 10 years since founding IPI, he has led the Institute in organizing a Consortium of leading pediatric institutions to develop medical devices and technologies to meet critical needs in pediatric care.

Don serves as consultant in intellectual property management to healthcare and research organizations and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine. Prior to starting IPI, Don established the Intellectual Property Office at Boston Children’s Hospital and grew it over 15 years into a multi-million dollar technology transfer organization. Earlier, he founded Chitin Company, Inc. to develop marine biopolymer applications. Before his work in the biomedical industry, Don had an entrepreneurial career in education. After developing innovative science programs at MIT, he founded a nonprofit outdoor education center on a Boston Harbor island that became a leading community resource for curriculum improvement and aided in the desegregation of Boston public schools.